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What is an IT Infrastructure

Regardless of the type of business a corporation performs, the company as a whole relies on its IT in order to operate effectively. If one steps back and takes a look at "The Big Picture": IT is more than just computers, databases and network equipment... it's the inner communications at the core of the company. It's the way all of the Business Units interact with each other, how they pass & share information, and how they store & use that information to do their jobs. It's essential to employees accomplishing their tasks. If a corporation's IT doesn't function properly, the Business side of the company can't operate effectively.

What is an IT Infrastructure

For Nyocon, the notion of "IT Infrastructure" is expanded to include not just the physical systems and networks - but also the IT Department, the technical staff and all of the processes & procedures that are put in place. That is to say the interaction between the technical teams, the workflow, the ticketing systems, help desk, documentation, etc.

All of these pieces need to be taken into account when designing an IT Infrastructure. No matter how much money a corporation spends on buying the latest and greatest systems or hiring the best and brightest engineers in the field, if the staff is arranged ineffectively or the processes & procedures are inadequate, IT will be slow and the Business will still have trouble functioning.

An IT Infrastructure should be designed in a way where it views its "customer" as being the company itself, and it should operate under the notion that it exists to support the Business side. It can then serve as a foundation to build the entire Business upon. The stronger the foundation, the more efficiently the Business will function and be able to grow.

When done properly, an IT Infrastructure should be easy to use, provide quick and efficient results, be a pleasure to interact with, and be capable of supporting a corporation of any size.