Knowledge gained through experience.

There are Two Sides to Every Coin

A properly designed IT Infrastructure needs to have a balance between the requirements of the Business and the Operational Structure of the Technical side. Too often this balance is lost... resulting in a loss of productivity, frustration leading to stress & low employee morale, and an environment that costs way too much to maintain.

Two sides to every coin

The Business side typically has a good understanding of what they need from their IT Department to get their jobs done. On paper, they can list everything they require, and even assign teams of employees to accomplish these tasks. However, without actual experience working on the Technical side, an engineering mindset, nor a comprehensive understanding of how all the pieces work and fit together... it is virtually impossible to properly design and put together an effectively running IT Infrastructure.

Likewise, the Technical side may know how to build systems and networks really well, they may even be among the best engineers in their field. However, without a proper understanding of what the Business needs... you get a technical environment focused on what CAN be done instead of what NEEDS to be done.

Nyocon can help integrate this balance by being a bridge between the two sides.

By meeting and working with the Business Units [to define their requirements], while at the same time working directly with the Technical Staff [to organize their workload], a complete understanding can be brought to the table. The Processes & Procedures can then be modified to better reflect the actual work that needs to be done, the staff and workload can be arranged more effectively, best practices can be implemented, and productivity can be increased.

Nyocon's approach involves researching both sides...

Work with the Business Units

Meet with all the business units and make a list of their requirements. Also compile a list of any concerns and frustrations they may have regarding the support they currently recieve from IT.

Work with the Technical staff

Jump in the trenches and work directly with the technical staff. Get to know their environment and get an overall picture of the type and amount of work that needs to be done. Also compile a list of any concerns and frustrations they may have regarding the Processes & Procedures placed upon them.

Only with a complete understanding of both sides can a solid, efficient, and cost effective IT Infrastructure be put in place.

This is Nyocon's advantage!

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