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Outgrowing "The IT Guy" Model

IT Infrastructure

Small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often start out with "The IT Guy" who runs the entire company's IT. Along the way he hires a few techs to work for him to help out with the workload, but he is still the face of IT. He is an all purpose guy who does the workstations, servers, email, network, security, etc. He knows the entire network and all the systems in his head, and has successfully provided the level support the company has needed to become profitable and grow. Of course, as all growing companies eventually run into, there is a point at which the environment becomes too large for this simple model to sustain its effectiveness.

As a company grows, there will eventually be a need to take their IT Support to the next level... moving from "The IT Guy" model to a more structured IT Department.

This is accomplished in several steps. One of these steps is to define formal "Teams" for the seperate functions. For example: when a new employee is hired, instead of managers sending requests for a new workstation to Bob (as they do currently), they begin sending requests to the Desktop Support Team. From this point forward, regardless of whether the size of the IT staff is 4 employees or grows to 24 employees, the process for the business remains the same: send requests to the Desktop Support Team.

Having a structured IT Infrastructure put in place will organize the workload for the current IT staff, improve the level of support they are able to provide the business, and gives a new face to the company's IT - in the form of a fully functional IT Department. This also puts in place an environment that is intuitive for the Business to use, easily scales as the company continues to grow, and is not dependent on any 1 person.