Consulting Services

Nyocon takes a unique approach to helping corporations with their IT...

IT Consulting Services - Mergers & Acquisitions

Merge IT Environments

• Multi-company Mergers.
• Single Company Acquisitions.

- "Avoid common flaws that cost corporations wasted money and man hours."

IT Consulting Services - Improve the Perormance of Your IT Infrastructure

Improve IT Dept. Performance

• Corporations.  
• Post Mergers.

- "Has a knack for making dysfunctional environments productive."

IT Consulting Services - Mentoring


• Technical Staff.
• Management.

- "Excellent people skills, with a natural ability for helping others learn."

When done properly... an IT Dept. will be easy to use, provide quick and efficient results, be a pleasure to interact with, and be capable of supporting a corporation of any size.