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Nyocon takes a unique approach to helping corporations with their IT...

Merge IT Environments

Nyocon takes years of first hand experience and puts it towards helping corporations merge their IT Environments.

Merge IT Environments

With over 15 years of working through mergers of all kinds, Nyocon brings an extensive knowledge-base and "lessoned learned" to the table.

Nyocon helps corporations combine their IT Environments while greatly reducing the amount of money and man hours that are typically wasted in the process. (see Wisdom: Mergers Gone Bad)

Steps that can be taken: [sample list]

  • Translate the Business requirements into technical requirements and design new workflow accordingly.
  • Work directly with the technical staff to establish new processes & procedures that reflect the actual work that needs to be done.
  • Help automate new processes & procedures into ticketing systems.
  • Perform project management tasks for technical projects.
  • Educate the Business Side on how to properly engage and use the IT Department.
  • Assess employee qualifications and arrange the technical staff accordingly.
  • Remove any road blocks and red tape to free up the technical staff's full potential.
  • Mentor the technical staff and instill best practices.
  • Coach the management staff on how to use their technical staff to their full potential.

With Nyocon's help you can improve the chances of successfully merging your IT Infrastructures and greatly reduce the amount of money that is wasted on lack of productivity. For post merger environments, the same steps can be taken to fix any negative side effects, improve the response time for all IT requests and remove staff frustration. This will increase the productivity of the entire Business, improve employee morale, and greatly reduce the Cost of Doing Business.