Consulting Services

Nyocon takes a unique approach to helping corporations with their IT...

Improve IT Department's Performance

For corporations whose IT has become inefficient, under-productive or too costly... this can be improved.

IT Consulting Services - Corporation

Over time IT environments can become overcomplicated and messy, causing productivity to slow down. This has a negative impact on the rest of the Business' performance and profitability. These IT environments need to be simplified and re-organized.

With Nyocon's help you can breathe new life into your IT Department, streamline operations, and optimize IT performance. This will increase the performance of the entire Business.

Nyocon will work with your current staff to: [sample list]

  • Assess the environment and the current workload.
  • Identify the requirements of the Business Units.
  • Translate the Business requirements into technical requirements and modify workflow accordingly.
  • Identify current complaints and frustrations of the Business Side.
  • Create simple, easy to follow instructions for the Business Units to use to engage the IT Department for help.
  • Identify road blocks and sources of problems.
  • Simplify and improve current Processes & Procedures.
  • Simplify and improve Help Desk and Ticketing System functions.
  • Establish proper lines of communication bewteen the technical staff.
  • Simplify and improve Documentation.
  • Instill wisdom and best practices into the technical staff.
  • Reduce frustration and increase employee morale.

With Nyocon's help your corporation will have a simplified and more efficiently running IT Environment with increased performance and faster response times for IT Requests. This will improve the productivity of the entire Business while greatly reducing the Costs of Doing Business.