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Improve your IT Infrastructure

Nyocon takes a unique approach to helping businesses with their IT Infrastructure. Along with technical expertise on systems and networks, Nyocon can also help companies Build, Optimize and Merge their IT Departments.

Whether you are a small business who is growing, or a larger corporation with employees numbering in the thousands... Nyocon has the Experience, the Expertise, and years of both Best Practices & Lessons Learned to help you put in place a solid IT Infrastructure - with an IT Department capable of providing your business the proper level of support it needs to be successful.

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    Increase Productivity

    Quicker turnaround times on IT Requests.

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    Modify Processes and Procedures

    Improve workflow. Remove bottlenecks and red tape.

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    Arrange technical staff effectively

    Get more out of your technical staff... without burning them out.

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    Implement quality Documentation

    Eliminate confusion with a well documented environment.

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    Improve employee moral

    Make your company an enjoyable place to work.

Consulting Services

Nyocon has serveral Consulting Services to offer. Below is a list of ways Nyocon can help you...

Build your IT Infrastructure

For small companies who are growing, Nyocon can help you build your IT infrastrucure, and put in place a foundation that is capable of supporting your company as it continues to grow.

Creating processes and procedures, defining standard builds for systems, writing documentation, instilling best practices into your staff, and more.

Optimize your IT Department

For larger companies whos IT has become inefficient or too costly, Nyocon can help you optimise your IT department.

Slow performance, inefficient processes & procedures, frustration and low employee moral can all be fixed. This will result in big cost savings for your company.

Merge your IT

Merging IT Infrastructures is a huge engineering challange... successfully merging IT Departments is crutial to meeting this challenge.

Nyocon brings 15 years of merger experience, technical expertise, and "lessons learned" to the table in both the planning and execution phases, as well as help with Post Merger environments.

Systems Architecture / Engineering

If you need Systems Engineering expertise, or an experienced Systems Architect to design, build or upgrade integrated systems used by entire departments, Nyocon can help.

Application Server Support, Enterprise Applications, SAN Storage, Monitoring, Backups... are all areas of expertise.

Technical Project Lead / Management

Highly effective managing several teams of employees for large projects.

If you need an experienced technical leader to manage large projects (ex. datacenter moves), Nyocon can help.

Network Security

With experience managing Firewalls and network security in several different types of companies and environments, Nyocon can help upgrade, strengthen and document your security environment.

Website Design

Nyocon can build you a simple website that is professional looking, taylored to your unique requirements, and is compatible with desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones.

A custom website looks nicer and does not have the "cookie-cutter" look and feel to it that many free drag-n-drop website builders create.

Optimize Development Environments

Improve the life cycle of applications... from gathering business requirements through DEV, TEST and into PRODUCTION.

Nyocon can help you optimize the workflow, put in place efficient processes and procedures, help the technical staff design their systems, and fully Document the entire Environment so it is simple to understand and easy for the Business to use.